Away from television broadcasts
computer distractions and
decisions required of where to go
or what to do or eat

My brain goes into a mode born
of leisure not often seen of late.

Enumerated lists of anxiety
give way to taking joy in the frothy
cranberry drinks, fluffy breakfast
rolls, and fresh strawberry jam

Two soothing woolen blankets
after the quick ice-cold shower.

Today I begin by expecting
miracles and presuming
people I meet will be angels in
my life, whose eyes reflect the Divine.

My morning prayer is to welcome
the unexpected in gratitude!

Luke 13: 6-9
The Parable of the Barren Fig Tree (CEB)

6 Jesus told this parable: “A man owned a fig tree planted in his vineyard. He came looking for fruit on it and found none.  7 He said to his gardener, ‘Look, I’ve come looking for fruit on this fig tree for the past three years, and I’ve never found any. Cut it down! Why should it continue depleting the soil’s nutrients?’  8 The gardener responded, ‘Lord, give it one more year, and I will dig around it and give it fertilizer.
9 Maybe it will produce fruit next year; if not, then you can cut it down.

Returning from Ecuador

I’ve just returned from an educational tour with my daughter to the amazing Galapagos Islands and Andes Mountains of Ecuador in South America. This a land where hearty fig trees grow plentifully, and I even tried fig ice cream! Not surprisingly, I much preferred the blackberry, mango, and citrus varieties.

Being in new situations is helpful to see life in a new way. When in the Andes, it was nice being one of the taller folks amongst the native people. When warm water didn’t flow from the faucets, we remembered those who do not live with the luxuries we have each day. And being disconnected from the news was helpful for a time, as we were focused on the people, animals, and environment without fretting about what was going on elsewhere. For us, that was an example of cutting down the barren tree and living in the present moment so that new life can take place.

It’s good to be a productive member of society, yet we may become more fruitful when keeping our eyes open for surprises that become blessings for our God.

What is it that needs to be cut out of your life so that your creativity can shine through?

God’s love, peace, and hope to you!


Rev. Marta Wheeler   

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