As the Holy Spirit Blows

Each day the Wind blows in something new!
Will it be a tremendous blessing of a
birthday, anniversary, job transition,
or a precious new baby in the family?

Each day the wind blows in something new.
It may be the weighty sadness of illness
or end-of-life care and we are taken
off guard when considering living without
a loved one and question if God is against us?

Each day the wind blows in something new!
And we are there to carefully listen,
honoring the dear ones we love, showing
devotion by holding them close to our hearts.

Each day the Wind blows in something new!
We feel safe, sheltered, and held in spirit
even when reflections and feelings bombard
us with excessive confusion about life.

We are not alone

Looking at Life

In the verses from Mark 10: 17-21, Jesus was approached by a man who wanted to know what he could do in order to receive eternal life. In reaffirming that the man had followed all of Moses’ Ten Commandments, this remarkable verse comes next in verse 21: Jesus looked at him carefully and loved him.

Perhaps this is one of the verses we should all commit to memory and repeat to ourselves as we enter into prayer.

Jesus looks carefully at me and loves me.

All that we have means nothing when we are faced with the death of our loved ones. Jesus said to release all our earthly possessions and focus on what God has in store for us. Sometimes at the end-of-life we more fully realize that there is nothing more important than our relationship with God and with those we love. It can be frightening to think of life without a dear one who has always been there, no less if the relationship isn’t what you’d hoped for over the years. Regardless, welcome the tears and the grief, welcome whatever comes up and sit with it quietly.

Jesus looks carefully at you and sees the goodness in your heart. Breathe in the breath of the one who created you. The connection of our souls is strengthened through God’s love.

Enjoy the good and easy days and be at peace with each one, while knowing that you are prayed for and loved every day.

Rev. Marta Wheeler

To view or download a PDF version of this devotional, click here:  Devotional MW 2021-10-14