School Daze

This morning children’s faces shine
as glorious as goldenrod and coneflower blooms.
So excited are they to return to school
after weeks of freedom to sleep in.

Only yesterday, parents were
seen biking alongside young children while one
Yorkie named Wisteria perched in the
woven basket on the handlebars.

Yet this refreshing morning grandpa
and grandma are enjoying what they’ve been
longing for this summer, while fishing on
the rim of the strangely quiet lake.

We pray God’s blessings upon these
children who return to school with smiles on their
faces and butterflies in their stomachs,
so excited to learn and make friends.

We pray for children whose longing
for order in their lives will be satisfied
and for those who find a greater sense of
security when school is in session.

God bless teachers who eagerly
educate while reflecting the goodness of
each child, and smiles into blue, green, and
brown eyes their preciousness.

May each child know that they fit in
no matter their brilliance in the classroom or
number of loyal friends on the playground
who fearlessly share their secrets of life.

Psalm 71

71 I’ve taken refuge in you, Lord. Don’t let me ever be put to shame!
2 Deliver me and rescue me by your righteousness! Bend your ear toward me and save me!
3 Be my rock of refuge where I can always escape. You commanded that my life be saved because you are my rock and my fortress.
4 My God, rescue me from the power of the wicked; rescue me from the grip of the wrongdoer and the oppressor 5 because you are my hope, Lord. You, Lord, are the one I’ve trusted since childhood.
6 I’ve depended on you from birth—you cut the cord when I came from my mother’s womb. My praise is always about you.

Hopes & Dreams

A few days ago, our 18-year-old grandson and his two friends came to our home to help with moving my piano as my husband laid beautiful new wood flooring. They will be leaving home in a few days and could not stop smiling as they dreamed about moving into college dormitories and being on their own for the first time. Hope and excitement were written across their young faces.

From the time children go to preschool and kindergarten there is a desire for parents to hang on tighter when the need is to let go a little at a time. Over the years we pray and trust in God so that when it’s time to help young people move into a college dorm or welcome other firsts in life, we know we can trust and hope in God.

Our Rock is solid and endures forever. Even when life seems overwhelming and we need to release our fear and anger, we pray, praise, and have hope in our Holy Refuge.

God’s love and peace be with you,
Rev. Marta Wheeler

To view or download a PDF version of this devotional, click here:  Devotional MW 2022-08-17