When we make the decision to spend time engaging in relationship with the divine a solitary moment can be life changing.

The fourth annual Saint Paul Women’s Spiritual Retreat was held this week. Every year has held its own qualities depending upon those who attend, the weather, and the presenter.

The presence of the Holy Spirit is always evident as stories are shared, we worship together, and go deeper into our contemplative selves. Since this retreat was held only three weeks before the presidential election and during a pandemic, it seemed to be even more important to calm our minds go into our hearts to find the peace that only Christ can give.

Every time we met as a group, I was in awe of the Sophia wisdom of each woman as she spoke and shared what she’d beheld in the moment.

We were blessed with gorgeous weather and were able to be outdoors for the group time and also as we practiced Visio Divina. Creating body prayers engaged us in new ways and was also fun. We were blessed with morning sunshine while conversing in the amphitheater. The nearby sculpture of the Mary of Creation emerging from a giant ear of corn is most delightful!

Reframing our lives and how we tell our stories is such a blessing. The gift of creation enables seekers to come into deeper spaces where we remember again that God loves us.

Our prayer for you is that you will take time to quiet yourself, breathe deeply in and out, and allow your eyes wander to the beauty around you. Rest in the divine presence and become aware of images and memories that come up.* Rest quietly with them while feeling the Mysterious Love cherish and embrace you and remind you who you truly are. Listen to the song in your heart that was given by God.

In Christ’s love & joy,
Pastor Marta