In the ancient scriptures we are reminded to “praise and exalt God above all forever!” Along with the angels, sun and moon, and stars of heaven, give praise with the shower and dew, with the winds, frost and chill, ice and snow, light and darkness, lightning and clouds. With all of creation, give your thanks.

Jesus admonished his disciples and us to “Live in this world, but not of it.”

By spending moments immersed in the Spirit, we are transformed and able to suffer with others compassionately and then release their suffering to our spacious-hearted Compassionate God. The world is transformed one kind act at a time when we love our neighbors in the way God inspires and allow nothing to distract us from immersing our souls with the Creator, Redeemer, and Sustainer.

Truly, I feel that nothing is more important than making the time and space for prayer each day. Connecting with the Beloved who loves us more than anyone else is able, is vital to our well-being and the cosmos. Will we live a life in a daze?

So taken with having power over others or consumerism, that we are able to avoid the cries of the suffering? Or will we awaken to the beauty and God’s saving action around us?

Every single day I need to remember God’s love. I am worthy and I am enough as I am. When that assurance is received, then I’m able to move on from focusing on what I’ve dreamed up and instead focus on the dreams received from God. The primary notion to remember is that every child of God is worthy. Every single child of God.

Walking at dawn while chanting the canticle of Zechariah, my soul is grateful to live as one who has received salvation. Wandering at dusk while chanting the canticle of Mary, my soul feels very blessed to proclaim the greatness of the Lord with my life.

Long departed saints remain with us in spirit and through their writings we can tap into their wisdom that is still relevant today.

That is why I go to prayer each and every morning. I cannot be lazy and forget who I am and what Jesus needs me to be in this sometimes chaotic and divisive world. What’s more, who wouldn’t want a taste of heaven every day, feeling your soul is immersed in the blessings and light of God!

Grace and peace to you!
Pastor Marta