Cloistered in the quiet
cold of winter may
may be curative.
Still, we welcome bright sun
transmitting warmth and

I hope you sensed it, too,
when the Light of Peace
replaced fears and tears
With smiles and hearty laughter.

Early hope of springtime
Arises as grasses
sneak out from under
prolonged protection of
snow’s thick white blanket.

During this week’s break from
Arctic’s chill we raise
our hands in thanksgiving
painlessly inhaling
fresh energizing
and renewing air.


Psalms for Praying, Psalm 25 by Nan Merrill

To You, O Love, I lift up my soul; O Heart within my heart, in You I place my trust.
Let me not feel unworthy; let not fear rule over me. Yes!
let all who open their hearts savor You and bless the earth!

Lead me in your truth, and teach me, for through You will I know wholeness; I shall reflect your light both day and night. I know of your mercy, Compassionate One, and of your steadfast love.
You have been with me from the beginning. Forgive the many times I have walked away from You choosing to walk alone. With your steadfast love, once again, companion me along your way.


Companioning One Another in Life

In times of isolation, I feel as though I’m doing well enough emotionally. Yet certainly, when able to socialize it becomes apparent that I really do need to be around people!

Last Saturday evening a group of twenty-five went out to eat at a Benson restaurant. For more than two hours we laughed and listened to one another. It felt so good to be eating and fellowshipping together, just like the old days. 

Attending Saint Cecelia’s Flower Festival always stimulates my sense of wonder with the incredible displays and music. Being with a mass of people feeling the same amazement was quite energizing!

Finally, going sledding and ice skating with Saint Paul folks was the cherry on top of a wonderful weekend. It was especially delightful to be part of the first-time sledding experience for Rev. Faith Kubai, Mimi, and Caleb.

Think back on the memories you have of fellowshipping at Saint Paul. I’ve heard stories of roller skating and dancing in the Fellowship Hall, family campouts, card games, and countless meals together. The youth have hosted haunted houses, scavenger hunts, lock-ins, and chili feeds.

Although worshipping God and music are the foundation of our congregation, participating in mission and fun activities also draw us together. During these times our thoughts are elevated, fears dissipate, and we grow closer as the body of Christ.

May thoughts of Saint Paul Benson bring a smile to your face.

We pray for you and love you,

Rev. Marta Wheeler