Hold Onto Your Cowboy Hat

No one was as surprised
as they, when
shaking hands to join the
rodeo that autumn
eve in the sandhills.

She never was much of
one for the
quilting bee and they’d worked
on the wide-open range
all their livelong days.

When fit to be tied,
looping a
lariat while riding
a galloping Paint across
the prairie left anger
dissipating in the dust.

Who really knows why they’d
not joined up
before except for
this focus on weakness
and overanalyzing.

At last, one roped in the
other until
within hollering range
Don’t let fear keep you
from being in the rodeo!

Since you were knee high to a
you’ve heard the yarn of truth
You’re always safe in the
saddle with Jesus!

So, let’s have a real good time!


Psalm 78:1-7

Listen, my people, to my teaching;
Tilt your ears toward the words of my mouth.
I will open my mouth with a proverb.
I’ll declare riddles from days long gone
ones that we’ve heard and learned about,
ones that our ancestors told us.

We won’t hide them from their descendants;
we will tell the next generation
all about the praise due the Lord and his strength—
the wondrous works God has done.

All Saints Blessings

All Saints Day was a big day in the life of Saint Paul as the names of those who had joined the saints eternal were read and a bass clef chime rung. We heard a wonderful message and couldn’t hold back from dancing to the music at the end of the service!
Beyond that, you wouldn’t believe what happened even before the worship service began. Rev. Faith and her daughter Mimi were burning the midnight oil, preparing a Kenyan feast to welcome the men of the church into a new inter-generational group. We might say that the Kubai’s love language is centered around food! The breakfast and hospitality were thoroughly appreciated by many and signified something new and exciting is happening.

When considering the countless changes in culture that Rev. Faith, Mimi, and Caleb have experienced, we are in awe of their dedication. As the Psalmist writes: We are ordered to teach the law to our children so that they can rise-up, tell their children, and put their hope in God while never forgetting God’s deeds.

As we enter into a new moment, may each of us be aware of the wondrous deeds with which we are blessed. Let us be always faithful to the call of telling the stories of our faith through the means of the gifts we’ve been given.

We pray for you, dear ones, have hope!

Rev. Marta Wheeler