A Family Reunion

As soon as the hills become steeper and my small
car delights on the downhill and groans with each climb
I feel my heart softening and longing once again
to see the folks that star in the stories of my mind.

Two-lane highways, with two-digit numbers like twelve
and twenty, line mile after mile of pavement with verdant crops.
We forge our way past corn and soybeans that finally give
way to cottonwood trees, wild cedars, and winding rivers.

Back at the ranch on the hill, laughter rings out at the
old familiar stories. These need to be told to remind us
of the sturdy and square-built people that we are,
aunts, uncles, and 1st, 2nd, and 3rd cousins twice removed.

For generations before my childhood days there have been
genuine cowboy relatives wearing Stetson’s and string ties,
singing along round the upright piano, and dancing
do si do’s while laughing in the face of difficulties.

Psalm 105:1-6 (Psalms Now by Leslie F. Brandt)

How great is my God, and how I love to sing God’s praises!
Whereas I am often frightened when I think about the future,
and confused & disturbed by the rapidly changing events about me
my heart is secured and made glad
when I remember how God has cared for me throughout the past.

God’s Faithfulness Inspires

My family name is inscribed all over Knox County history. Strangely, I feel the need to be part of family reunions even more in this stage of life.

It is a blessing to be part of the lives of the people of Saint Paul. Even though I don’t have any blood relatives, the similarities of theology and caring for one another like family help me feel as though I’ve come home.

With the arrival of Pastor Andrew, more time, space, and opportunities to ask people to fun events for young people are provided. We are a church that proclaims, “All Means All.”

God’s love is much more perfect than ours and we can trust in the grace that’s promised. This powerful message transcends language, color, sex, ethnicity, and economic status and we are using many means that speak to younger generations to get it out. There will be more new opportunities in the future while still carrying on worship services that have helped nurture faith for generations.

We appreciate your faithfulness to God wherever you may be. Know that you are secure because God has always loved, sheltered, and sustained you. Feel good that you continue to persevere through life’s difficulties. We pray that you will sense our connection through the Holy Spirit.

Dear one, receive the hope, love, and strength that you need for each day. Know that you are loved by God and by us.

Rev. Marta Wheeler

To view and download a PDF of this devotional, click here: Devotional MW 2021-08-04