Even if no one told you ahead of time

you would have seen, felt, and heard the

possibilities of transformation present

on Pentecost Sunday.


Many souls dared to venture out for the

first time in more than a year.

You can see the wonder in their eyes, as though

entering a cathedral in Finland.


Our eyes lift upward to the four Gospel doves

minds mesmerized by seeing

the movement of the Spirit above

the Divine Presence always there.


On this special morning the four brass

players transmit sounds clear and loud

and the voices of the Spirit jubilantly

declare God’s message in song.


You can see smiling eyes, newly amazed

and joyfully sharing God’s gifts

of song. Rev. Brabec leads the choir to

sing more fully than they knew they could.


The day of Pentecost has come and gone

but the Season has only begun.

May we not doubt the arrival of the

Holy Spirit, impelling the church to go on.

The Rhythm of Life

 Life-giving occurrences are all around us. In order to see the Lunar eclipse, I awakened early this morning. As the radiant moon moves into the earth’s shadow, it is believed that we are in a better state of balance and ready for transformation. While watching the eclipse take place, listening to the birds sing, and realizing that the day is dawning, it was a good time to reflect on life. I feel grateful for the life I’ve been given, for my marriage and family, and for my friends and vocation.

It seems appropriate that there would be a lunar eclipse the same week that the Season of Pentecost begins. As church people, our lives are marked by the rhythms of the church year that reflect the seasons. The power of Pentecost is in God’s Spirit and being infused in everyone wherever they are. Peter calls us to look inside at what needs to be changed and then go out to carry the brilliant Light of Christ into the world.

May we accept our identities as beloved children of God and know that Christ meets us where we are to make us whole. In some way may we imitate the young boy who fashions origami cranes of peace from colored paper during church services and then shares them with people after church. This simple act of kindness and their sweet smiles shine Christ’s Light into the world.

Sending Christ’s love and peace to you

Rev. Marta Wheeler