A Noteworthy Nut

I can’t recall a time when
a nut of any sort
has been sent into my car window
on a breeze

but then again, blustery
days are known for bringing
stranger things.

This time it is a
smooth little acorn with
a cracked shell that catches me by

with a tap on my arm a
message softens my spirit
that connects with Julian of
Norwich’s hazelnut.

Calmness overcomes my soul
as though God Herself is
tapping on my arm, nudging me
to listen.

Hey, I’m here for you, dear one!
Do not dwell in darkness
for unending, restless nights
holding tight

to your life. You’re not in control
anyway, so just live in
the moment enjoying this
surprise gift!

You’re kind of a nut, that’s true,
strong and able, loved and
faithful, from the day the baptism
waters claimed you.


From Julian of Norwich

“And in this sight, I was shown a little thing lying in the palm of my hand, as it seemed to me, and it was as round as any ball.
I looked therein with the eye of my understanding, and thought: “What may this be?”
And it was answered in this way: “It is all that is made.”
I marveled how it might last, for it seemed to me it might suddenly have fallen into nought for its littleness. And I was answered in my understanding:
“It lasts and ever shall, because God loves it.
And all things have being by the love of God.”

For weeks now I’ve been collecting hazelnuts, acorns, and buckeyes when out walking, with plans to place them into the palms of others, along with Julian’s message. The hazelnut story that was written in the 14th century England, first touched my heart twenty years ago. This time it literally blew in through my car window with a message I could not ignore!

Have you had experiences in which you an ordinary object becomes an extraordinary experience? Pausing when walking or listening to a dear friend, a new understanding may illuminate something in a brand-new way. We may ask, “What may this be?” Then listen with our inner heart to the loving message God has for us.
Julian learned that no matter how small or ordinary something is, it is worthy and loved in God’s eyes as much as the sun and moon and stars.

You are a special person living an incredible life in the presence of the all-pervasive love of God.
Live into that awesome love,

Rev. Marta Wheeler