God’s Love Wins

As I experience the world
first thing this morning
I find it is a beautiful place.

Doves coo the mantra of peace
as they fly across
the cloudless sky with tranquility.

Above my head, one squirrel pauses
from hoarding winter’s
stash to chat with me just a bit.

After praying the labyrinth.
a plump crow guides me safely
across the four-lane rolling road.

Each of these reminds me of that time
twenty years ago.
The horror when the twin towers fell.

That day I walked the labyrinth
Listened to two doves coo
And a black crow guided my way.

That day I went to pray where others
had gathered that day.
In hushed silence we knelt reverently.

As the days went on, we realized
God’s presence among us
while seeking human harmonies.

The unbelievable diverted
our attention and we
forgot to be mad at each other.

God’s love intercepts old fears
when imposters release
and souls unite to care and seek hope.

Unwinding Our Souls

In the Cornhusker State, it’s risky to admit if you tend to take a nap during football games. There may be some redemption for those who watch the big plays at the end and are interested enough to read the write-up in the newspaper the following morning. I hope so anyway. When our sons played football and baseball, wrestled, pole vaulted, and ran cross country, we were right there cheering them on with excitement. Now we go to one grandson’s games of lacrosse and another plays baseball. One game is more familiar to us than the other, but we know when to cheer and are happy to be there.

The value of being together in worship is different than being in a crowded stadium. In a stadium, camaraderie and cheering for a common team or goal are experienced and there can even be a sense of euphoria when your team wins by 45 points!

In worship, we seek the Spirit among us and rest in Christ’s presence. We open our hearts and unwind our souls from the previous week. We long to grow in faith and seek to find a way to forgive others and ourselves. While increasing in love we become purveyors of peace. Especially when going through a time that life makes no sense and we feel unsafe, the compulsion to pray cannot be ignored.

Know that the world is more beautiful with you in it. God’s peace, hope, and love to you all.

Rev. Marta Wheeler

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