Living in the present is much simpler

When not attempting to do

Everything at once.


Virtual Christmas pageant recording.

Wash the windows squeaky clean.

Bathe the grubby car.


Dust the furniture, it’s been quite some time.

Set out Holiday décor

Add in Christmas tree!


After such a day of hurrying about

Nothing feels better than to

Sit on the grassy lawn.


Enlivened by the cool, gentle breezes

Tree branches move and we sway

In time with the Holy.


Yet now, doing seems so unimportant.

Resting, breathing, feeling one’d

 with the setting sun is key.


When bundling up to see the stars light up the

 night while releasing energy

an inward shift is felt.


Daily seek this ongoing growth to learn

All over again the worth

Of the Advent Season.


Experiencing Peace, Hope, Joy, Trust, Love,

Living in anticipation

of one wondrous Christ child.




It feels good to have everything in its

place, to be prepared to live

and breathe in Advent.


At one with the world, waiting for the Child.

Immanuel, God with us.

Loved fully by God.


This year, even more than others, I am so ready for the season of Advent! Are you prepared to find Christ in your neighbor, and your neighbor in Christ?

Even though I desperately miss seeing friends and family face to face, I treasure moments online and on the telephone. I’ve learned to be satisfied with what is, and less dissatisfied while desiring the way things used to be.

In Saint Paul Benson’s Advent Study, I’m excited to learn more through the writings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer. He is part of a long line of people who grew in faith while imprisoned for their beliefs. Think of the apostle Paul and friends, Pope John Paul, Nelson Mandala, Desmond Tutu, Dorothy Day, Martin Luther King, Jr, and others. Even today there are people who are in prison for crimes committed against others that have converted to a life of faith. They have found the goodness within themselves.

We are proof that a person can wisely use their time of isolation for transformation. The Spirit of God resides within each of our hearts. When we are able to quiet ourselves and dwell in that divine space, hope and the certainty of God’s love expands.

I believe that Dr. Seuss had it right when he wrote in The Grinch, “and the Grinch’s heart grew ten times that day!” Transformation is indeed possible!

Be blessed this Season of Advent with the reassurance that the Spirit of Christ rests within you. May the song of the season resonate among us, “Emmanuel, Emmanuel, O come to thee, O Israel.”


Advent blessings and God’s peace to you,

Rev. Marta Wheeler