B- Cereal, bananas, milk
L- Turkey and cheese sandwiches (WG), corn, melon, and milk
S- Cottage cheese and goldfish
B- Waffles, oranges, milk
L- BBQ meatballs on a bun, zucchini and squash mix, pineapples, and milk
S- Chips and salsa
B- Cereal (WG), pears, milk
L- Ham and cheese croissants, corn on the cob, peaches
S- Animal crackers and milk
B- Biscuits (WG) with cheese, peaches, milk
L- Chicken and noodles with peas and carrot mix, apples with cinnamon, milk
S- Turkey and crackers (WG)
B- Toast, mixed fruit, milk
L- Mac and cheese, green beans, fresh oranges, milk
S- Vanilla wafers, apples, pumpkin dip